Granite Countertops in St. Louis & 9 Kitchen Remodel Tips

Understanding Countertop Edges for Your Kitchen

When you start your kitchen remodeling project, you focus on the new appliances, the cabinets’ colors, the countertops’ material, and the backsplash’s style. But there’s one kitchen element that you shouldn’t forget: the edges of your countertops.

The right countertop edge can transform the look of your kitchen, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. This post aims to help you understand the importance of countertop edges and show you the most popular types to make the best decision for your kitchen. Keep reading!

Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Countertop Edges

While the countertop material and color are important factors, the edges can make or break the appearance of your kitchen. The right edge can give your kitchen a polished and high-end look, while the wrong one can make it seem cheap and unfinished.

There are many different types of edges, and the right one will depend on the overall style of your kitchen, the countertop material, and your preference. However, the most important thing is choosing an edge you love because you’ll be looking at it every day.

Trending Types of Countertop Edges

Here are 8 of the most popular kitchen countertop edges:

1. Eased

Also known as Flat Polish, eased countertop edges are the most common type of kitchen edge. They’re square and slightly rounded; their overall feel is modern, simple, and classy.

2. Bullnose

Bullnose edges are soft and round, without any sharp angles. They’re a good choice to give a low profile or as a safety measure for kids.

3. Half Bullnose

As its name suggests, this edge is halfway to being a bullnose. It’s a happy medium between an eased edge and a bullnose. This edge is super easy to clean and doesn’t war with other features in your kitchen.

4. Ogee

This edge has two soft curves creating a rounded “S” shape. This type is almost exclusive to granite and quartz, so they come with an implied luxury.

5. Coved

Coved edges are similar to ogee but with a flat edge in the middle. This kitchen countertop edge is perfect if you want something glamorous and modern.

6. Beveled

Beveled edges are created when the countertop surface is cut at a 45-degree angle, creating a slanted edge. They add interest to a simple countertop.

7. Stepped

This edge has multiple levels, or “steps.” It’s a picturesque edge will add a sophisticated aspect to any countertop.

8. Chiseled

This kitchen countertop edge is perfect if you want a rustic look. It’s created by hand-carving the stone to create a rough and textured edge, providing a natural feel.

As you can see, each countertop edge adds different kitchen styles. The best way to decide is with the advice of kitchen remodeling experts that can help you make the best decision based on the design you want.

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