Granite Countertops in St. Louis & 9 Kitchen Remodel Tips

How To Match Countertops, Cabinets, and Flooring 101

If you’re in the market for a home makeover and quartz countertops, it’s important to consider all the elements that will go into it. One of the most important decisions is choosing the color palette for your countertops, cabinets, and flooring. It can be over daunting, but with a little planning, you can create a stunning and cohesive look.

While these three features might seem like they would be complementary, it can be tricky to match countertops perfectly. In this blog post, we’ll give you tips on choosing colors that will look great together and stand the test of time. So read on to learn more!

How Do I Choose The Colors? 

When selecting the colors for your kitchen, choosing two complementary primary hues is a good place to start. Working with two hues will allow you to update your kitchen more frequently. You may choose a third accent color that unifies the entire space while adding a sense of individuality.

Match Cabinets, Countertops, and Backsplash

Once you’ve determined a color scheme, choose a countertop or backsplash as one of the main colors. The countertop is often the kitchen’s focal point, with colors for cabinets, walls, backsplash, hardware, etc. 

Personal preference and overall kitchen style will direct you to the right countertop material simultaneously; the backsplash is constructed of the same or complementary tone that complements one of the primary colors selected for the kitchen.

Should the Flooring Match?

Two common ways to pick out kitchen flooring include: 

  1. Coordinate your floor color with your countertops and cabinets, both of which will serve as secondary colors. These additional colors will assist you in distinguishing your flooring from the cabinetry and worktops.
  1.  Have your countertops and cabinetry match, with the flooring as a contrasting element. A popular traditional style consists of a kitchen with white cabinets and black countertops against dark wood flooring.

Get A Stylish Kitchen Today!

Now that you know how to choose colors for your kitchen, it’s time to start planning. At Show Me Granite, we have a virtual kitchen designer in which you can try colors of countertops, backsplashes, cabinet colors, and floors. It will help you visualize the space and get an idea of what will look best in your home. So don’t wait any longer – visit our virtual kitchen designer and call us today.

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