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As a successful woman in her 30s, you’ve worked hard to build a happy life and a beautiful home. Yet, your outdated kitchen doesn’t quite reflect the elegance and sophistication that defines your style. You deserve a space that meets your functional needs and serves as a stunning centerpiece for your home. Show Me Granite empathizes with the overwhelming feeling of looking for a style that matches your personality and having difficulty finding one. Therefore, we’re here to help you out! We offer various styles for you to explore along with design services.

Show Me Granite’s Countertops & Cabinets

We regularly rotate inventory so you can come to our showrooms and see in person all of our styles available. Our products come in many materials:

  • Countertops: Whether you’re surveying for a traditional or modern look, we have materials such as granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite.
  • Stone countertop sinks & cutouts: We offer personalized cutouts to fit your sink correctly. For every countertop, we have a sink to beautifully match its style.
  • Cabinets: We customize every cabinet to all kinds of kitchens. We’ll handle all the details to ensure you a pristine finish.
  • There are no other granite and quartz materials in St.Charles, MO, like ours!

Get To Know Our Services

  • Virtual kitchen designer: Play at our website and make every design you want. Get a taste of your coming-soon kitchen.
  • Countertop fabrication & Installation: We craft each piece to your specifications with precise details that bring out the full beauty of the stone. After that, we’ll install it smoothly.
  • Kitchen & Bath Remodeling: We transform the whole room with your style. Every room at your house should reflect your personality, and we’ll make it happen.

Meet Our Benefits

Our skilled professionals provide high attention to detail and precise, seamless installations that are truly transformative. Each piece is crafted according to your specifications with careful concentration given to even the most minute details, allowing the full beauty of the stone to shine through. Your satisfaction is secured, so you can trust that your vision will become a reality. 

We understand that every home is unique. So, we have custom-made our services to meet every possible need. The sky’s the limit when it comes to remodeling your home!

Get Stylish Countertops In St. Charles, MO

Invite everyone to see your brand-new kitchen quartz countertops in St. Charles, MO! You deserve a kitchen that reflects your hard work and good taste. Don’t let your home out date you. At Show Me Granite, we make your dream come true by creating an aesthetic and practical kitchen with your unique style with the highest quality materials.

Let’s begin with a consultation to get a free estimate. Then, pick the materials and design. And last, we’ll install it immediately at your most convenient moment. Get your home glow-up now!


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